Why Trovix Search is Better

Explaining how Trovix search is better isn’t easy.  People are used to keyword search, and they think it’s fine.  I was doing a demo the other day and at the end the guy said my demo really opened his eyes. So here’s the example.   

We have a database of hundreds of thousands of resumes.  Imagine you want to see just the people who’ve worked as engineers at Oracle.  How would you set that search up?     Most search tools can’t tell if you worked with an Oracle database, worked as an accountant using Oracle financials, or have a certificate from Oracle.  As for finding people that worked as an engineer, forget it.  “Sales Engineer” isn’t an engineer.  “Chief Architect” is. 

With Trovix, I entered two words: Oracle and Engineer.  In about two seconds, I was looking at a list of all the people who worked in Engineering at Oracle.  Cooler still, they were rank ordered based on how long they were engineers at Oracle.   The top guy has been at Oracle for more than a decade, and has the title “Principle Member of the Technical Staff.”  Drop down a few dozen results, and you get someone who’s been there for only four years.  And well below that, the people who aren’t there any longer. 

That’s just one example of why Trovix is better. I could have done the same thing with people who went to top schools and have engineering degrees.  Or accountants with 7-12 years experience that have collections and Sarbanes Oxley experience in software-as-a-service companies. 

The bottom line is, we’re the only technology that can really read and understand resumes the way a person would.  We use that to match people with jobs. It’s great stuff.


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