Blowing Our Own Horn

What good is a blog if you aren’t going to brag when you do something good?   

I talked to a friend of mine who’s job hunting this morning. He’s at the point where he has one offer, and is trying to hold it open while he closes out a couple other positions he’s interviewing for.  Good for him.   

Naturally (this is the “blow our horn” post), he used Trovix to find jobs he was right for.  He actually had a friend at the company he’s gotten the offer from.  But he didn’t know about the job until he saw the ad. Then he called his friend.   If you’re at all popular, (and I’m sure you are), then you can’t possibly keep tabs on all the jobs at all the companies that you have a connection to.  But with the right kind of job board,, you can keep up to date on jobs you’re right for.  That’s the best first step in getting a better job.   


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