New York Times on Employment Screening

The New York Times has an article on employment screening and assessment. It’s about the tests some companies give to people they’re considering for employment and promotions.  Most of the recruiters I’ve talked to lately complain a lot about not being able to find good people, or not being able to talk them into changing jobs.  So I really wonder what kind of companies are using these tests.  For minimum wage jobs, it seems like a lot to invest in testing for someone who will be around for six months.  For more experienced positions, you’d think the person’s references and resume would tell you what you need to know. If someone has 15 years experience being an accountant and great references, won’t the test tell you the person is an accountant? 

On the other hand, the robot company test sounded kind of fun.  And when robots take over the world, I’m sure it will be useful to have had some experience working for them, even if it’s only simulated. 


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