Looking for a job? Throw a party!

I’ve got to say that I felt a little tricked by this advice column headline. (Kick your job hunt into overdrive with a party.) She tells someone who’s having a hard time job hunting to throw a party.  I couldn’t agree more.  I love parties. Although I wonder how much fun a desperately unemployed person is going to be to hang out with.

But the description of the party made me shiver. Talk about awkward.  Hand out business cards with a resume on the back.  Provide a guest register so you can get their phone numbers and hound them.  Aren’t these your friends?

My advice would have been serve great wine, awesome food, and tell hillarious stories. Remind these folks that you would be fun to have around the office, and that you’re in no way a threat to their next promotion.

But flip advice is specifically why I don’t get to be an advice columnist.


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