Popular Mechanics Predicts Death of Google

Everyone loves to predict that the king will die. 10 years ago, Java was going to kill Microsoft by now.  Since Google is now king, they’re the one to bash. This time, Popular Mechanics makes the bold call: Social Networks will kill Google. 

Since we’re a search company, I feel free to opine in this. My take: Popular Mechanics is wrong. And they miss the point.

Here’s how it is. With Google, you describe what you want to see, and Google shows it to you.  (Phone numbers, addresses, information about Mariah Carey.) This is good and bad. Search for “Alcohol is good for you” and you get a whole different list than “alcohol is bad for you.”  The web will confirm whatever you believe. 

The bigger problem is that Google can’t show you what you can’t describe: a good movie for me, a fun site for when I’m bored, the right job for me.  But Facebook can’t really do that either. It might show you what movies your friends like.  But that isn’t search. Is there any point in looking at jobs your friends like? Or houses if you’re house hunting.  

If the Internet is only about entertainment, then social networks can replace Google for finding you fun places on the web. But there will always be room for deep search technology to pull real information out of the Internet. That’s what Trovix does. 


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