Hakia, Google Search and Why Search Can Be Better

Hakia (www.hakia.com) won an award for it’s semantic search technology, so I thought I’d check them out. They don’t really compete with us, by the way.  They have a nice write up on some of the problems they see with Google search.  (Click Here)  I pretty much agree with them that popularity is a bad way to rank results.  Some good sources aren’t popular.  Lots of popular sources aren’t good.

But the thing they don’t say about the problem with search is that for most search tools, people start by describing what they want to see.  If you want to know about Winston Churchill and the Boer War, that’s great.  But if you want to know who’s interested in hiring you, what do you type?  

The Trovix approach to search is to use semantic search, machine learning, and matching algorithms to provide truly breakthrough search.  We take a much more complex query than the two or three words people usually type into a search box.  We can handle search queries with thousands of terms, weights on each one, and combine that with a search profile for the individual user.    And we use that to search for the best matched data. 

Better search is going to have to come from better queries. Whether those are explicit (written by the user at the time of the search) or implicit (inferred from information already known at the time of the search), something has to give. The one-size-fits-all one line search box isn’t going to work for helping people make sense of the world’s data. 


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