Taleo buys Vurv

Taleo paid $128 million for applicant tracking competitor Vurv. That’s pretty big news. Vurv certainly wasn’t one of the biggest players in this space.  It’s nice to see them get an exit. The article is a hoot as well.  Read this quote and ask yourself how many times Vurv CEO Derek Mercer strains credibility. 

Mercer said he wasn’t seeking an exit strategy as much as he was pursuing a goal of creating a billion-dollar software company and was aware that Taleo was looking for acquisitions.

“I talked with other CEOs in our space,” Mercer said. “I got intrigued by Taleo’s ability to execute. As we talked more, they brought up the possibility to be acquired.”

A significant portion of the price will be paid in stock, which Mercer said he wanted because he didn’t want to simply take cash and no longer have a stake in the company.


One Response to “Taleo buys Vurv”

  1. one time vurv cog Says:

    Mercer was desperate to offload his sinking ship and had approached Taleo last January (or so I’ve heard, I have no reason to doubt this).

    I would too, the company was never profitable! I just feel sorry for the good guys who are going to be screwed over.

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