Robert Reich gives career advice

The New York Times ran fun interview with Robert Reich (Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor for those too young to remember. . .). It was a few weeks ago but I just caught it. I was sad to read Bob say:

But don’t get an M.B.A.! We have too many M.B.A.’s as it is, and they’re killing the economy!

Here’s my counter attack:  What’s wrong with an MBA?  I think Washington DC bureaucrats are probably just as bad if not worse.  What’s been worse for the economy: The companies that make up the Fortune 500 (40% run by MBAs) or the cap on H-1B Visas for engineers and researchers?

I mean, it’s just a quibble, but Reich had a department with 18,000 employees and a budget of $60,000,000,000.  Reich’s department got $1.60 per day for each person working in the US.  And yet he complains that he is underfunded and that business people are ruining the economy. Good grief! Physician, heal thyself. 


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