Is Scott McClellan employable?

The big discussion here, from folks of all political stripes, is if Scott McClellan can get a job. One of my friends said, “Sure. He can always get a job in marketing somewhere.”  Ouch, says the marketing guy.  On the one hand, he’s got a ton of baggage. Die-hard Republicans aren’t going to be big Scotty fans.  Would you want him in your tradeshow booth?  That cuts your market share by at least the 32% of people who are Bush fans.  And I don’t know if Democrats are going to like him either. He seems, well, a little bit like a weasel. 

On the other hand, he’s a star!  He’s been on TV. He’s hugged the president. He’s a successful author.  Who wouldn’t want to bask in the reflected glow of his fame?  I’ll bet he’s got great stories to tell in the break room. You could use him in recruiting: “And if you accept now, you can sit in the cube next to Scott McClellan!” 

Regardless, I’m sure that if he loads his resume into, he’ll find the best jobs for him.  Whether or not they’ll hire him?  That probably depends on factors not taken in account in the job description. 


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