Are Video Resumes for Real?

It seems like there’s always some company or another promoting video resumes as a way to “get noticed by employers.”  The one I saw today was, which allows you to attach a voicemail type greeting to your resume.

OK, it’s not exactly video, but the idea is the same.  To me, that idea is “take a document that most recruiters will allocate 15 seconds to, and turn it into something that takes a minimum of 120 seconds to understand.”  The problem with this approach is the 105 seconds of content you’re creating which is going to get deleted.  Making yourself more of a burden to a recruiter isn’t going to impress anyone.

When I was a lad, the idea was that the resume gets you the screening call, and the screening call gets you the interview, and the interview gets you the job.  (Or the second round of interviews.)  I think that’s still true. Recruiters don’t have time to look at videos.  Seriously, just look at how much time they spend writing the job description. 

If you’re looking for a job, you’re better off investing time in making sure your resume matches what they’re looking for.  If you have the experience they want, make it obvious on your resume. And if you don’t, give it up. You could spend an hour on just the right voicemail greeting, but that won’t slow anyone’s finger down as they reach for the delete key.  If anything, it will give them an excuse to delete all the faster. 


One Response to “Are Video Resumes for Real?”

  1. John Little Says:

    Spot on with this observation. Recruiters will always decide on what they want in resumes if they are to read them. But mainly, in the larger recruitment firms at least, resumes are scanned into a database before they are looked at by the human eye. Then you have 15 to 30 seconds to make an impact.
    And while they have millions invested in scanning and database technology they are not going to be looking at videos or “listening” to emails!

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