Who We Are

Trovix is a search technology company headquartered in Mountain View, CA.  Our goal is to build products and services that help employers find the people they want to hire, and to help people find jobs that are really right for them.  Trovix has a strong team, filled with people with proven track records of success, and we’re backed by world class venture capitalists.  Our intelligent matching technology is truly unique.  No one in the world can do what we do.  As for reaching our goal, we’re already well on our way, with two products that users love.    

Trovix.com is a career matching service that let’s people use their resumes to find jobs that really match who they are.  It goes well beyond keywords to really understand the person behind the resume. For example, we can tell how many years experience someone has. We won’t show an experienced manager an entry level job. We also understand the kinds of things that make someone unique. If you’ve been selling equipment to hospitals, we won’t show you a job selling cell phones at the mall.  We find our jobs by spidering the web, so we have millions of jobs and we’re always finding new ones.  With Trovix.com, you’ll always know about the right opportunites for you.

Trovix Recruit is an enterprise grade applicant tracking solution that helps companies identify and hire the best talent available.  Trovix Recruit is already in use at leading employers ranging from Hallmark and Stanford University to VMware and Palm.  Recruit uses our intelligent search technology to help recruiters identify the right candidates to pursue. Then, our Candidate Relationship Management tools and workflow help them efficiently move the candidate through the process to being hired. 


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